Women's Spring Fashion 2019

Women's Spring Fashion 2019



 What are popular spring fashion styles

 Here at Meli Chic Boutique, we love the Spring 2019 trends in fashion coming up this season.  Colorful, bright, animal print, stripes are all popular patterns you will find for spring attire this year. 

Front Tie Tops

 This style was another top that took me a few looks and a try on to fall in love with. Another win in the comfort and flattering looks department. Many of the styles of these tops are made to be loose fitting. So once again you wont be left feeling self conscience. And with it being loose fitting on a warmer day these wont suffocate your skin and leave you sweaty begging for a tank top.

Red button up stripe front tie top


Animal Print

 This print has been around forever, its one of those never go out of style looks. But I love the creativity you can use when wearing this type of print. These tops range from classy dress tops, cozy hoodies to trendy top with pleather leggings for a night on the town look. 

Mustard color leopard animal print balloon sleeve tunic top

Chevron print

Chevron is one of those patterns that will always stay in style. Similar to stripes, solids, polka dots and i'm pretty sure even Camo since it comes back season after season.  My favorite thing about Chevron is its like fancier version of regular old stripes. Chevron print you'll typically find paired up with bright colors for a bold affect. But our choice of color for year round wear with this print is teal. Its bold enough for spring, but not overkill to wear in the colder months either. 

Womens Teal Chevron Outfit


Surplice top

The surplice top is a twist on the classic wrap top. These have the same wrap style without the fuss of ties being involved. The material wraps across the body, but attaches at the seam. These tops are great paired up with a contrast color tank top to really accent the styles and colors of these tops. They are also a must have maternity top for new mothers. Not only does the style of the top make it easy to use for breastfeeding, but the soft flowy design is something every mom would appreciate while have a flattering look regardless of shape or height.

Surplice Top  Olive wrap top  tops for breastfeeding



It doesn't really matter what season you're changing from, stripes NEVER go out of season. Basically all the changes are that occur between seasons, are  the colors typically convert from darker to lighter or vice versa. The waterfall drape look is one of the latest trends in cardigans that changes the look and flow from a classic cardigan style to a more modern cut.

Stripe Cardigan for Spring



Color Block Top

Color block tops are always a fun piece to own because they tend to mix 2 shades you might not ever put together on your own and make it pop. This year we are loving the addition of the metallic look to these tops to glam up the look of one of our favorite styles.

3/4 sleeve White and Gold Metallic top with pocket 


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