Popular CC Beanie styles for winter

Popular CC Beanie styles for winter

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I'll admit I hadn't heard of CC Beanies until winter of 2017, I suddenly started seeing online all these knit hats available in a multitude of colors and suddenly there's more with little POM's on them, making people go nuts buying these things! Buy why was this hat different than any other? 

After owning my first Ivory pom CC Beanie hat it was clear why women were chasing these things down. First off, the hats are each designed in their own unique pattern with the soft lining on the inside of the hat, it was perfect at keeping the  cold away. Then I had to test a pair of gloves, which are not as thick and lined as the hats, and not anything you would wear skiing, but if you're outside scraping snow or not building snowmen, these will work just fine for you.

Black Leopard CC Beanie pom hat

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Fast forward to fall 2019 and those CC Beanies are popping up all over again, and same as last year the craze begins. Being a boutique owner myself im finding every person has different wants/needs for what product,color and style they're in the market for. Mom's want matching hats with their daughters, anyone who is a fan of Leopard can choose between the leopard print hat or head wrap, there are scarves of various shapes and fabrics, and what I've noticed the transition from I need a pom beanie to a I need a ponytail beanie.

CC Beanie Ponytail hat

Its quite brilliant having a ponytail beanie or head-wrap. Us women can throw up our hair in the summer and go about our day like its no big thing. You try to do that in the winter, and your ears are blasted with cold winter air.  On top of that a bonus perk is with the head wraps, those easily fit in a jacket pocket, unlike a hat which may or may not and if it does, will look awkwardly shoved into your pocket.

Black Leopard CC Beanie hat

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One of the great things about CC Beanie products, is the price and the quality make it affordable to change up your looks. It seems like week after week im always seeing some new color, print, style of CC Beanie product. That makes it fun for me as a boutique owner to buy and customers to have a variety of choices to wear with their outfit of the day or just stick with 1 style as your favorite all winter.

Hop over to our Meli Chic Boutique site as we continually rotate thru colors, hats, gloves , scarves and bags. Stay warm this winter! 

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