Trendy Boutique Cardigans for Fall

Trendy Boutique Cardigans for Fall

What are the best cardigans for fall?

This is a question I get asked all the time, and as a boutique owner I love to answer, because the answer is ALL OF THEM. Cardigans come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics meaning when you purchase you can buy looks specifically for winter or thinner fabrics to wear year round (maybe you work in an office that is NEVER warm) 

So what are the best cardigans to transition into fall. Lets start by looking at the snap up cardigans. I believe every woman needs to own one of these. They are simple enough you can wear everyday anyway. Need a dressy look, this will cover it, need something to pair with a floral or stripped top?. this will do it. Dealing with temps that are cool in the morning but hot in the day? Throw one of these on. 




Now lets talk about plaid cardigans, these come in so many variations of styles it makes it hard to choose! So we wanted to look at those not your typical plaid cardigans. We LOVE open front cardigans, you don't have to worry about will it zip or button or will it not be flattering looking. These look great on all shapes and sizes just throw one of your favorite top and go. 


Last and certainly not least of our top cardigan picks for fall is the knit cardigans. There's something about the yarn that kinda takes you back to grandmas knitting when you were growing up, but with a modern twist. We absolutely love the warmth that you get with a knit cardigan. They're another style you can wear with your favorite solid top or we love to pair it up with a long solid color dress to really change up your look.


We hope you enjoyed our article! If you love these styles you can find these and more on our store. Click now to shop Meli Chic Boutique


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