Soda Brand Espadrille shoe review

Soda Brand Espadrille shoe review

One of the hottest style of sandals i've found trending this summer are Espadrille Sandals. The slide on shoe and ankle strap make these a style that you can be confident wearing to work as well out and about running around town. Leopard print is one of the must have styles going on for any and all summer prints in 2019, so of course I picked the pair that came in leopard in this style.

SODA is an up and coming brand that you will find showing up more in online shops, I decided to order the Oat Cheetah ones off of Amazon's Website  . Please note use that link to directly purchase the SODA brand and not a replica knockoff brand to ensure the best quality.

Soda Cheetah Leopard Print Espadrille Sandal

Online shoe shopping can be scary just like shopping for clothes sometimes, when you cant try it in on, touch it , feel it , walk in it etc.. So i took a chance on with their free return policy if these didn't work out.

Mind you, for myself i'm in my first trimester of pregnancy and am about to go thru swollen feet when the weather gets hot, and am not interested in hopping store to store to find shoes. I knew what I wanted and this slip on style is exactly what the pregnant lady has in mind , I want cute, but more importantly comfort when these are on my feet. So after trying these out for a few days here's my opinion:

The material and quality you get out of these for under $35 is really impressive and there are so many colors/prints available! I have found very few shoes at this price point, with this quality which is why I was pleasantly surprised! I live in Pennsylvania, so we only get a few months out of the year of warm sandal weather, so i typically dont spend alot on sandals on shoes that will get minimal wear. I work in an office all day, so i cant review them for being on your feet all day, I would suggest if you did get some sort of insert. While these are very comfortable and lightweight to wear there is not much in terms of padding.

Sandals for pregnant women

The ankle area has buckle notches which doesn't bother me if its slightly loose or not. I also ordered these in my true size and find the fit absolutely perfect. These are super easy to walk to in and honestly have no issues wearing them while out running errands. As i mentioned earlier the only "con" I could come up with on these are simply that they could have a better insert/memory foam and you would be set to wear these all day long and not have to worry.


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