Getting started with Sezzle Stores

Getting started with Sezzle Stores


How to use Sezzle - Stores that use Sezzle

Sezzle is such a great program offered, when you're looking for a boutique that uses Sezzle as a payment option. Lets go over the benefits 

  1.  Sezzle divides your payments into 4. The first payment is taken the day of the transaction. The remaining payments come out every 2 weeks until it’s paid off. 
  2. YES, your item ships within 1-2 business days even tho its not paid in full. (this will vary per business, please see each stores policy for shipping times) 
  3. YES, your item ships before you've even paid it off! That's 1 reason why its the best buy now pay later program
  4.  NO, there’s is no interest or fee for using it (this fee is covered by the business you're purchasing from)  
  5. YES you can pay it off early
  6. YES You can have multiple Sezzle orders and payments
  7. HOW do i get started with sezzle? Just go to the payment method, select sezzle and it will walk you thru a quick registration or login if you're an existing user.
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