Fall Poncho Outfit trends

The time has come to move the summer styles out of the closet and into the transitional fall pieces. So what's one of the best styles you can add to your wardrobe when the weather fluctuates between the 50s at night and 70s during the day sometimes? Lets take a look at these popular fall ponchos for fall 2019.
Ponchos are great layering pieces because you can wear them over a tank top, short sleeve or long sleeve top.
Are you a mom heading to the pumpkin patch for your yearly annual family trip? Or maybe a sports mom who is always on the go? Perhaps you just need something to sit around the fire as an extra layer to keep you warm. Below are some of the most popular prints of the season
Fringe Poncho
Shop this style only $28
Navy Buffalo plaid vest
Shop this style only $24
black plaid poncho
Shop this style only $24
Shop this style only $24

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