Fall 2019 Fashion Trends

August - September is the time of year we all want to ditch the tanks and shorts and jump into the warm fuzzy styles on the cooler temp days. Mother nature has a way of messing with us tho where it can go from 50 one day to 85 the next making it hard to figure out what to wear.
So lets take a look on what are some of the best ways to combat fall's confusing weather and figure out the best items to add to our wardrobe for this fall.
We love this mustard trench jacket, with its roll up sleeves and hood. What makes this so special, 1) the roll up sleeves are temp friendly depending on the conditions you're dealing with outside, its also cute enough rolled up that you can wear this as part of your work out fit for the day with dress pants 2) the Hood, fall is rainy but we might not be ready to bust out the heavier hooded jackets, this is our winner to combat that situation 3) Because mornings are cold and afternoons are warm you can easily keep this in the car as your go to jacket on the run
Mustard jacket for fall
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Next is this Crochet cardigan, we love this piece to transition between summer and fall. Throw this over your favorite tank and shorts on warm days  or switch it up in the fall with a long sleeve shirt underneath and your favorite pair of jeans, either way with the open crochet trim its very temperature friendly for all conditions. This is another one of those staple pieces you can wear as part of your work attire too for a business casual look.
Olive cardigan for fall
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And our next fashion trend, is anything popcorn sweater related: Sweaters, Hoodies, Cardigans we are on board for these crazy soft pieces. Not only are they oversized for comfort but you'll love how warm they keep even those who are always cold year round can find some relief in these styles. Be careful when you wash them tho, this type of fabric is delicate, so you want to wash on gentle and hang dry to take care of the fabric on these. This style was popular last winter and the trend continues into 2019. The best part of these styles are they are flattering on all shapes and sizes since they are long and not fitted in an unflattering way. 
Popcorn Sweater for fall
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Next featured piece is popcorn cardigans, we love the cabernet red cardigan because not only is the color perfect to transition to your fall wardrobe, but thinking ahead to Christmas time events this can be paired up with your favorite little black dress or even with your favorite "ugly sweater". We love the look of this style with a striped shirt to help give the color a pop.
Red popcorn cardigan
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