Dressing a postpartum body - The struggle is real

Dressing a postpartum body - The struggle is real

Postpartum Mom Outfit
Its been almost 3 years since I had my kid. Today was a reminder of how challenging it can be to clothes shop post-child birth. I remember when my maternity leave ended I definitely didn't fit into those clothes i wore pre-pregnancy and was down enough weight i didn't need to wear my maternity pants/tops.

Which lead me into the world of .... leggings... Why? Because I had no idea how much weight i was going to lose or gain after I returned to work and I knew these would be with me thru thick and thin as my body decided where exactly it wanted to go weight wise. But I found myself being happy to wear leggings for a short while. I mean solid colors and some prints are great but I honestly missed my jeans, yet I didn't want to invest in jeans. At the time jeggings were just becoming a thing..

It was like I hit the lottery!! So you're saying I can have the look of jeans and comfort of leggings... I NEED THOSE!! And in so many colors/sizes and styles i began to update my wardrobe as my weight over the next 2.5 years kept going up.. they at least stretched with me.

After 2.5 years i finally decided to start being more aware of what/how I was eating ... This weekend I stepped on the scale and saw I was only 12 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight. So I ran grabbed one of my favorite pair of skinny jeans I hadn't worn since 2015, it was already equipped with a button extender when i wore them for a few weeks early pregnancy. And they FIT!!!

I happily went into work wearing my new / old jeans with excitement. My weight loss goals were happening... Until mid work day when the button for my jeans came flying off and there was nothing I could do to fix it but pull my shirt down and hide at my desk. 1) It was a lovely reminder there's still a few more pounds to go and 2) It reminded me why I love my jeggings. There's no button wardrobe malfunctions I have to deal with!!

So if you're a new mom or even a few years post birth mom like me ... I just want you mamas to know I got your back. When I started my online boutique it was 9 months after my daughter was born, and I was set on making sure I could find styles any working mom or stay at home mom could invest in and grow as her body goes thru changes, whether it be months or years like myself!

My thought is if I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't dare sell it. Hope ya'll got a good chuckle out of this article. If you're in the market for some Mom Approved attire feel free to stop by my boutique shop Meli Chic Boutique

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